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Month: August 2018

Create and maintain your reign on the turf with golf clash hack

Posted on August 7, 2018  in Articles

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One of the foremost things that come to my mind while penning down my experience for this game is that the steps that came on my, encouraging me to earn money and spend it too. A typical pay to win piece, the exciting and fairly new game is creating ripples across the circuit.

I think Playdemic did a good job in creating a lively, real-time multiplayer game, entailing a process that does take a few seconds to learn. I found a beginner’s course early on in the game and it didn’t cost me any money.

However, as I progressed further, I stumbled across courses costing in-game cash. They also enable players to win more money. With the golf clash hack tool, I went ahead without spending any.

Golf Clash Cheats Tips Tricks

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that money really does make your world evolve in the Golf Clash. In each step of the way, I was encouraged to use that cash to enter tournaments and matches. The interesting thing was that I also had to use the same cash for upgrading my clubs.

As I progressed, I could unlock chests that gave the means to upgrade my golf balls and clubs. I could use the golf clash cheats to upgrade the stuff freely. These things dictate and determine your chances while playing the game.

I found that the better clubs I had, the better was my power and swing. The cheats obviously enhanced both.

Being your best in Golf Clash Game

There is no iota of space where you can’t be your best. I had to be constantly on the lookout to be the best and increase by swing and abilities because any moment, you will end up against a rival with a particularly awesome set of golf clubs. You will be annihilated then. That, according to me is what makes the game a little unfair after a certain time.

Harping on the upgrades

I found the upgrades coming through a ticket-based format, very similar to what you see in games like Clash Royale. Randomly assigned, you could end up spending a lot more as compared to what you acquire for your winning space.

I just threw in the fact here that matchmaking doesn’t really focus on the ability levels of players. Instead, the game potentially matches you with someone far more superior. It doesn’t take much time for things to turn unfair and that too, fast. I also found that later tours cost a lot of in-game cash to participate in, which means that if you lose, you actually lose a considerable investment.

To sum it up

Things seem to be a little too unfair at times, which is a blot for the game like this. Otherwise, it’s pretty fun. Golf Clash was never going to rival similar golf games and this one is great little recreation or blast from the era of arcade sports freaks.

The excitement goes unabated until I noticed the unfairly balance after sometime. Now if you know how to hack golf clash, use to spawn a new experience altogether.