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Month: July 2019

4 Sims Free Play Tips to Succeed In the Game Quicker!

Posted on July 24, 2019  in Online Gaming Tips

The Sims Free Play Tips for Quick Level Up

Are you trying to succeed in Sims Free Play game faster? Don’t know pro and master tips for completing this target?

Don’t worry as you don’t need to waste more time finding different tricks. Here we are going to discuss some great useful tips to succeed in the game faster like no one another can.

In other words, paying attention to upcoming content permits you to achieve all targets smoothly without getting stressed. But before we start with some tips, let’s have a quick review of the game first-

The Sims FreePlay Tips for Gameplay

Sims Free Play is an adventure RPG game comes up with tons of exciting tasks. Players can play the game on Android and iOS devices for free.

Some functions like customizing a Sim, making them beautiful, purchasing a house, making friends, families, falling in love, dating, babies, adopting pets, creating a beautiful town, and other tasks.


The Gameplay is easy to understand, which allow users to explore endless fun as well as reduce all mental stress. Due to fabulous features, the game becomes best in RPG games as compared to other games.

Send Sims to the competition center

The Sims FreePlay Competition Center Guide

Players can adopt different hobbies for their Sims to express. They can send their Sims to earn rewards, prizes, in-game currencies by competing for different hobbies in the competition center.

Performing this job correctly helps you to win prizes and progress to the next rare levels.

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Sending pets to find LP and Simoleons

One can easily send their adopted pets to find LP and Simoleons on unique or rare occasions. Yes, pets have also right to find different currencies on occasions.

So don’t forget to miss this job as there is no need to waste more efforts and time.

Collect daily reward

Either if you don’t have enough time to play the game doesn’t forget to collect the daily bonus.

Collecting regular award helps you to receive different currencies, prizes, gifts also maintaining them in the right amount. It’s so easy for users to obtain a daily reward as the task contains few seconds to complete.

Complete Game Tasks

Complete Game Tasks

If you really want to succeed in game faster then try to understand the roles of several tasks added in-the game. Well, the tasks are divided into three categories-

  • Quests – it is available for a limited time and offers limited rewards. You need to complete quests one by one as it cannot be skipped.
  • Social tasks – can be played on neighborhood towns. To invite neighbors, you can attach game with Facebook account.
  • Weekly tasks- this task is available for seven days and after that time, it’ll be renewed with new challenging goals. It offers different types of prizes, rewards, gifts, LP, Simoleons, and social points.

Completing each task is essential for players to understand the legit sims free play cheats, pro tips, and how to guide of the game smoothly.

Playing these tasks wisely helps you to grow in-the game quickly without spending money on in-game currencies.

Hope with tips mentioned above one can succeed in-the game faster without getting stressed or without spending more efforts.