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Top 5 Ways To Win In Clash Royale- Mobile Game!

Posted on June 16, 2019  in Clash Royale Guide, Online Gaming Tips


Clash Royale is a new strategy-card battling game made for Android and iOS devices for free. It took up with lots of challenging levels, missions for enjoying every game moment. By playing the game efficiently, one can easily enhance his/her mental skills without getting stressed. No chance that you’ll get bored by playing the game as 3D features are added for exploring unlimited fun.

There is no need to spend any cent to download the game because it is entirely free available. Knowing about top tips and tricks will help a user to smash another opponent for becoming the most significant player. Don’t panic for finding the powerful ways as here we mentioned some best clash royale hack cheats that helps you to progress fast.

  • Use units

Individual units are designed to attack on opponent towers. Having powerful units in your deck helps to smash the rival as quickly as possible. In other words, it makes your army strong enough to win quicker. Also, it is suggested for every gamer to learn to make the pair of units. It helps them to create a powerful attack without sending unit solo to fight. Combination of mighty units makes a special attack.

  • Elements

Elements are like weapons which can be used in the battle story. Try to choose more fireballs and arrows for smashing the rival kingdom. Once the opponent tower goes down, their king tower begins up to attack. One needs to hit the king tower once with a stronger attack, which helps to kill all the troops. But sometimes a gamer needs to decide effective defense tactics for presenting rival attacks.

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  • Troop cards

When it comes to select the troop card, the player needs to choose the best one. It helps them to carry the card into battle in addition to develop new strategies. Super globin cards become cheaper while spending much Elixir on it. Archers are those troops which need to set up near the tower. Baby dragons can be used to avoid attacks.

So, it is essential for every user to collect powerful troops cards while battling with the most significant players.

  • Join a clan

Once you finish the 3rd level, the option of joining a clan will be unlocked. Joining a clan means obtaining more of rewards besides benefits. They’ll help a gamer to upgrade the cards quickly for winning the smashes. It means there is no need to waste or wait for more time while updating the items. Clans help to succeed in the game faster like no one another can. One can also obtain golds and king level points in more considerable amount by donating extra cards to clan members.

  • Figure out rival battling deck

In the first moment of a battle, trying to understand the fighting deck of a rival. It helps to understand the fighting tactics, and one can choose an efficient defense strategy. If you are going for a perfect counter a giant, price should wait for perfect timing

We can easily conclude that going with effective ways can help a player to succeed faster.