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Mario Kart Tour Guide For Beginners To Progress the Game

Posted on November 25, 2019  in Articles, Online Gaming Tips


Every gamer who plays video games on mobile or other consoles that all know about Mario because it is a game of childhoods and everyone has played once in their life.

Now in the mobile gaming industry, Nintendo has released its Mario Kart Tour, which is also an amazing game for every game of the player.

It will also be a memorable gamer in the racing category. It is based on racing, and there are so many things in the game that players can always remember after playing.

The graphics of Mario Kart Tour is different from other high specs games, but it gives a tough competition to those games.

Guide for beginner

Racing games are quite competitive, but the controls of the game are very easy that will help players to operate and also win the races.

If you are a beginner in Mario Kart Tour, you do not worry because you will learn in a good way. There are few things in the game that players should learn about controls and games.

After learning, you can play any race smoothly, but in order to win, you have to give a tough competition to other racers.

Learn to drive

It is the first step into the Mario Kart Tour world where you have to learn driving the cars. Controls are easy, but handling cars is important, and there could be chances that it will be hard for you to handle the cars.

But if you have faith in yourself, then you can drive the car greatly. At the beginning of the game, you will have simple and slow cars, and it will help you in driving.

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It can enhance your driving skills and potential, as well. After unlocking new cars, you can try then out and can be perfect in them as well.

Use powers

Powers are a major part of Mario Kart Tour, and while playing any race, you will find many kinds of power-ups to use. Before using the power, you have to collect them from the track after you can use them on the opponent.

Every opponent has some kind of power, and they can use them in order to win the race. It is a strategy to win the race, and if you do not use the power then you can lose the match

Resources like rubies are very important in the game when it comes to win it easily. You have to earn rubies as much as you can to dominate your game play. There are several mario kart tour rubies hack and cheats available that are legal as well. Use them wisely to understand the gameplay.

Start faster

While playing and begin any race, the first thing to do a boost start that will increase the chances of your winning and also can lead you as well.

Every player in the race uses it to win the race, but some of them use it at the beginning of the race. Every racer has a different strategy to win the race but is a simple and effective strategy to win the race, and if you are willing to win the race, then you have to use it as well. Tricks help a lot to win the race, and if you play the race smoothly and carefully, winning can be yours.

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